Count On One Hand

                                2006 Will Galison

Life is an uncharted journey
And the path is yours alone to find
And friends, are those fellow travelers
Who walk beside you for a time

But when your path turns steep and rocky
You’ll find that theirs just turns away
And They will vanish like their footprints in the sand

But the friends that you can count on
You can count on one hand

Blood is thicker than water
But water is pretty thin stuff
And if your world should start to shatter
Then sometimes blood, it s just not thick enough

And brother you don’t choose your family
And they damn sure don’t choose you
And when they scatter out like leaves across the land
Then the friends that you can count on, you can count on one hand.

The friends that you count on, know the fool that you can be
And they tell you when you’ve lost your guiding star

And they keep believing in you, when you’ve run out of belief
And remember , when you‘ve forgotten who you are.

Love is the most desired thing
And we search for the one to call our own
And we try to bind with a wedding ring
Two hearts that are bound to change and grow

But if you melt down all those rings
That have fallen from those fingers
You could wrap the world in a great big golden band

But the friends you can count on
You can count on one hand

Time is the great refiner
It burns the false out from the true
And of all those fellow travelers
Only friends of gold gonna make it through

And when the world’s aligned against you
You won’t even turn around
You know they’re right behind you when you make your stand
And the friends that you can count on
You can count on one hand.

And when the final battle’s over
And your journey’s at its end
You’ll find out why those precious friends were so precious few

Because the friends that you could count on
Were the friends that could count on you

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