The “Lost” Madeleine Peyroux album

Greetings Fellow Madeleine Fan,

Most of Madeleine’s fans are familiar with her three recent albums “Careless Love”, “Half the Perfect World” and “Bare Bones” and her 1996 release, “Dreamland”. Many do not know that there is another album by Madeleine that was never released on a major label, but which has received rave reviews from critics and fans.

“Got You On My Mind” was recorded in 2003, when Madeleine was working with multi-instrumentalist Will Galison. Madeleine recorded seven songs with Will before signing with Rounder, at which time she was contractually prevented from adding more songs. Nevertheless, the seven songs that she recorded reveal a joyful, spontaneous and genuine side of Madeleine’s artistry that has never quite been captured on her “major label” releases. With Madeleine unable to complete the album, Will recorded four additional tracks to fill out the CD, including his musical tribute to her, “Rag for Madi”.

“Got You On My Mind” is an impeccably recorded, performed and produced album, featuring Madeleine and Will on top of their form and some of the top studio musicians in New York City.

“Got You On My Mind” on CD is now available directly from Waking Up Music for the special price of $14 It can also be downloaded as mP3’s for only $9.99.

“GYOMM” is an essential addition to your collection and, naturally, a great Christmas Present.....


Here’s what the critics have said about

“Got You On My Mind”

Peyroux and Galison are a match made in musical heaven”

“Peyroux is already back, this time teamed up with an extraordinary hyphenate: singer-songwriter-producer- percussionist-harmonica player William Galison, on the multi-shaded Got You On my Mind (Waking Up). OK, so Got You on My Mind was recorded a full year before Love, but still:  Peyroux and Galison are a matchmade in musical heaven, especially when they intertwine voices on the languorously sexy, co-written “Playin’” and a hymnlike “Heaven help Us All”.

  1. -Christopher Louden- JazzTimes

“Galison and Peyroux are perfect musical accomplices, Galison’s exquisite harmonica work and guitar accompaniment perfectly complementing the elegant voice of Madeleine Peyroux. [Madeleine’s] work on this CD ... is among the most natural performances and quite possibly the best recorded example of her vocal talents.”

-Marshall Bowden- Jazzitude.com

“Two of Peyroux’s vocals, “J’ai Deux Amours” and “Heaven to Me” also appear on Careless Love, with different arrangements and without Galison, of course. What this earlier recording offers, in addition to the smoky voice and driving rhythm guitar of Peyroux, is the unique and often breath-taking harmonica and swinging guitar solos of Galison.... And while “Heaven to Me” was one of my favorites of Peyroux’s set in Minneapolis last fall, the wonderful addition of the harmonica here makes heaven seem a little closer.

-Andrea Canter- Jazzpolice.com

“On Got You on My Mind, Peyroux utilizes her gorgeous voice to reinterpret several classics that were

produced and arranged by William Galison... Got You On My Mind is a romantic collaboration between two immensely talented artists who will hopefully join forces again in the future. “


No matter what Peyroux does from this point on, she'll be hard-pressed to come up with anything more engaging or charming than her effort with Galison, Got You on My Mind. This hip, yet retro-sounding 11-song CD is an eclectic collection of songs made famous by everyone from Josephine Baker to the Beatles to Stevie Wonder -- as well as three originals co-penned by Galison and Peyroux. ......While Peyroux is a known commodity, it is Galison who is the revelation, playing no less than seven instruments throughout the record and proving himself to be a more-than-capable singer in his own right.”

-Nicole Pensiero- Popmatters

Got You on My Mind is a beautifully played, sung and recorded album of covers and originals. It is an astonishingly authentic take on the music that was, long before our time, the popular music of the day, from hothouse jazz instrumentals to vocal standards.

-Luther Henderson- 30 Music

The highlight here is the end piece: “Heaven Help Us All.” Made famous by Stevie Wonder and Joan

Baez, the rendering here adds a verse and makes the song resonate with memories of the 9/11 tragedy. Many of these songs have the potential to end up on movie soundtracks, and would be just as welcome in a club in New Orleans. Got You on My Mind is entertaining, and at times, stunningly good.

-Brian A. Smith- Phantomtollbooth.com

Galison and Peyroux simply can't be beat for both recalling some of the dear dead days between swing and bop, and slyly updating the tradition. I have no inkling how they do it, but dated as this music should sound it isn't so at all.... Could be the cultural signifiers strewn wisely herein from other eras, such as Ms. Peyroux' delicious vocals (within an ace of Billie Holiday in a very good mood... even on a blues like the title song) or a rousing closer made out of Stevie Wonder's "Heaven Help Us All.... Enthusiast of the abstract that I usually am, I know that the body's gotta have something to do as well, and if this doesn't make you dance I don't know what will. Don't stop the pre-bop.”

-Kenneth Egbert- Jazz Now

“....Madeleine Peyroux’s voice is a revelation, the perfect instrument for both jazz, western swing and a few points between.....Back In Your Own Backyard’ is one superb example and kicks off the album in a very promising manner with a relaxed swing and mellow guitar as Peyroux effortlessly delivers the lyric in a style not too far removed from [Billie] Holiday’s.... A contemporary piece, ‘Playin’ continues to highlight her superb vocal style, this time in a more blues- drenched mode, with excellent guitar and Hammond B3 to support her.”

-Paul Donnelly-e-jazz news


William....you are a very important person, a great musician and a

treasure to hear... I hope you are aware of the underlying gratitude

that I have for you and your work and that you will understand me

clearly as your fan and friend.”

...Madeleine Peyroux