Copyright 2005 William Galison/ Waking Up Music

Well a hush falls over the dancehall

As I stroll across the floor

Cause I’m the best dressed cowboy

To come through those Swingin’ Doors

I’m every inch the wrangler

From my hat down to my boots

Cause I just spent my last red cent

On this here cowboy suit

My spurs are all a-sparkle

My rhinestones all a-glitter

These boots I’m in are made o’ skin

from some endangered critter

Got a hundred bucks of turquoise

In my buckle and my bolo

I come in by myself, but damn

If I’m a leavin’ solo

Got a Great Big Hat on for you

A bona fide declaration that my lovin’ is true

And I am all dressed up with nothing to do

With this great big genuine Stetson, Cowboy hat on for you

You catch my eye and my oh my

You do some fancy Dancin’

I do declare you make me swear

I’ve died and gone to Branson

You ask me out to two-step

and I say I’d be delighted

But I can’t even one step

Cause you got me so excited

Now though I may be dressed up

Like a wild west gun slinger

I’m really just a mild-mannered

Country western Singer

And just because I wear a holster

Dontcha get the wrong idea

That’s no pistol in my pocket

I’m just mighty glad to see ya


Now it’s clear to see

You fit me like the lost piece of a puzzle

Let’s blow this crazy honky tonk

And find some place to nuzzle

If you’ll agree to marry me

Although I’m busted flat

I’ll pawn everything to buy your ring

Except this cowboy hat


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