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Hello Moon

© 1979 William Galison

Late last night

in the middle of a dream

I thought I heard somebody call

My eyes fell open I sat straight up

But there was no one there at all

The stillness of the night had cast its spell

And a veil of moonlight  fell

shifting shadows on the wall

So I tossed and turned

in the middle of the night

Still I could not find my sleep

So I rubbed my eyes, stepped into my shoes

Found my way down to the street

I couldn't shake this feel of someone there

But the silent street was bare

Til I raised my eyes

Hello Moon, How ya doin

Its been a long , long time

Though its strange

You haven't changed a bit

As for me as you can see

I've kind of drifted past my prime

Though the years between our meetings

seem so easy to forget

So we talked and walked

down the cold deserted streets

til the dawn began to spread

The sun came round, the moon went down

I stumbled back to bed

Closed my eyes and slept til afernoon

When the sunlight filled the room

but Moonlight filled my head