2003 Will Galison

If I could squeeze one drop of Gold

From every bushel of bull that I’ve been sold

I’d have more of the stuff then the banks could hold

And I’d be a wealthy man

If I had a dime for every Impressario

Said he’s gonna make me the next big star y’know

I wouldn’t even have to play guitar

And I’d be a wealthy man

I put my faith in Someone else’s hands

Now they’re just collecting Dust upon some shelf

And no one hear could ever understand me

So Im the only one I trust

To feel sorry for myself

If I had a Dime for every dime I lent

To every fair weather friend who I now resent

I’d have so many dimes I could pay the rent

And I’d be a wealthy man

I never paid my Momma too much heed

When She told me that this world’s a cold hard place

I learned that painful lesson quick indeed

Whn i fell down off my cloud and landed flat upon my face

If I had a dime for every girl I loved

Said she’d never leave me when the times got rough

I’d still be here crying like a lonesome dove

But I’d be a wealthy man