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Copyright 2003 William Galison/ Waking Up Music

                                                           Illustration by Bob Grossman

Look Daddy I made a war

Just like the one that you had before

I'm gonna settle up the doggone score

Look Daddy I made a real nice war

Hey Daddy Look what I done,

I've gotten even with the evil one

You never told me it would be such fun

Hey daddy, Ain't I your number one son

Chorus: Look Daddy I made a war

Just like the one that you had before

I'm gonna finish what you left undone

And get those evil-doers on the run

Hey Daddy, I prayed and prayed

For God to bless this new crusade

And Jesus promised that we'd win for sure

Look Daddy, I made a war

Hey daddy I'm a real self starter

A Real man just like my father

Your bombs were smart but mine are smarter

Hey daddy, You didn't raise no Jimmy Caarter

Look daddy, I took the reins

With real tanks and real planes

My guns were bigger than Osama Hussein’s 

Hey Daddy, This even beats that old cocaine!


Hey daddy can you help me please?

They keep on movin’ them WMD’s

We tried to blow up some factories

Turns out that they was only makin’ real strong  cheese

Hey Daddy, how can this be?

I set those double crossin’ varmints free

And now they’re shootin’ at my cavalry

Hey Daddy, how come my friends won’t play with me

(Final Chorus:)

Look Daddy i made a mess

Its not as easy as it looks I guess

This situation is becomin’ a drag dad

And I'm alone here holdin the Bag dad

Hey daddy, Lend me a hand

I know you bought me outta Viet Nam

And now I made one of my very own

Hey Daddy, I WANNA GO HOME!!!!