Shoulda Known

(Featuring Carly Simon as the Scorpion)

One hot night in the middle of June

In a Lousiana Bayou by the light of the moon

By the bank of a river, on an old dead log

Sat a shiny black scorpion and a big green frog

Mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm mmmm

Now the water was deep and the river was wide

And the Scorpion had commitments on the opposite side

She said “Hey Mr Froggy I’d be mighty obliged

If I could climb on your back and you could give me a ride”

Shoulda known

Shoulda known

Well my friends see me crying and all they can say is

“Shoulda known”

Well the frog said “I’d love to but there’s just one thing

You got a bad reputation for a terrible sting”

“If I take you cross the River like you’re askin’ me to

How do I know you won’t sting me when the journey is through?”

Mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm mmmm

The scorpion said “Man don’t believe that hype

Don’t you fall for that tired old stereotype”

“You do me this favor and deliver me there,

I will tell a little secret only scorpion’s share”

Shoulda known…

So our friends started out across the perilous flood 

And the scorpion weighed more than the frog thought she would

But the Froggy was strong and he knew he’d prevail

Til he felt the deadly point of that scorpion’s tail

Mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm mmmm

So the water swept over the unfortunate pair

And the froggy cried out with the last of his air

He said “Why did you do it?, now you’re goin’ down too!”

Said the Scorpion “it’s my nature, that’s what scorpions do!”


Well I met her downtown in a Bleeker Street bar

Serenading some drunks for the tips in a jar

Well I knew her reputation from the from the old grapevine

But she sounded so sweet and she looked so fine

We she shot me a smile bought me a beer

And she told the saddest story that you ever will hear

My judgement dissolved in a bottle wine

I was reading her lips and she was reading my mind

Shoulda known….

If the end of the story isn’t perfectly plain

Know that Happy ever after ain’t the final refrain

But my time’s getting short and the story is long

But suffice it to say, you find me singin this song