When The Swamp Gets Drained


Words & music Will Galison 2009

When the swamp gets drained
In the broad daylight
See the vile little vermin

just a- slitherin’ and a-squirmin’
tryin’ to get outa sight

When the tide goes out
When it’s all Laid bare
They’ll be slippin’ and slidin’
Tryin’ to find a hole to hide in

but there’s no hole there

When the first one squeals

and the names get named
They’ll be rattin’ on each

as they scatter out for cover
When the swamp gets drained

Theres an old fat frog
in his robe of black
He can ruin you or make you
but he’s always on the take
you better throw him a snack

Theres a two-face snake
In a high-price suit
He’s a most appealin’ creature
Til’ he turns around to eatcha
double bill ya to boot

When the truth comes out
And the blame gets blamed
They’ll be cryin’ out for justice,
but they’re gonna have to trust us
When the swamp gets drained

Theres a vine growin’ out of the slime
That blooms with a poison flower
It crawls from the depths up the courthouse steps and down through the halls of power

And when the sun goes down
Will a soul remain?
Or will every dirty doer get a tour of the sewer
When the swamp gets drained

When the roots of the venomous vine
Dry up in the noonday sun,
Then let the cool, clear water of justice run

When the sun goes down, not a soul remains
Cause there’ll be nothin’ but a crater
See ya later alligator
When the Swamp gets drained

You be losin’ half yer judges
When the mighty toilet flushes
And the Swamp gets drained

Every dirty civil servant
Gets the servin’ he's deservin’
When the Swamp gets drained

Every lawyer with a loophole
Will go slidin’ down the poop-hole
When the Swamp gets drained